As the San Francisco Bay Area continues to move forward in the reopening process, the safety and security of our residents and visitors remain our top priority. As a destination, we understand the importance of following sanitation and safety protocols, and we all have been working extremely hard in order to reach these goals. Learn more about the latest reopening updates in San Mateo County and Palo Alto.

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The <span>Best</span> of  the Bay Area

The Best of the Bay Area

Learn the ins & outs of San Mateo County & Silicon Valley from the cosmopolitan culture to the local beaches and places to eat.

Festivals, Fairs and Foot Races

Few places combine the magic of scenery, seashores and the outdoor lifestyle quite like San Mateo County/Silicon Valley. You might know the area for its famous high-tech workplaces, but it’s the places to play that really show off its unique and active spirit. The vast majority of San Mateo…

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