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New Exhibitions at Sanchez Art Center

  • Address:
    1220 Linda Mar Blvd, Ste B
    Pacifica, CA 94044
  • Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Price: Free

Main Gallery: "Welcome to My World"
Sculptor Gregory Farrar Scott has the gift of bringing unrelated things together in new creations. In his artist's vision, he sees how disparate things could fit together and become something entirely new, and once they have become this new thing, the viewer says, "Oh, of course!" and wouldn't want to see the component parts separated, but only together, because the fit is so perfect and the new thing is so charming and so entirely its own being. As the artist tells it, he has always done this, combined things in unusual ways. An early example—as a three-year-old, he covered the white exterior of his family's refrigerator with chocolate sauce. It must have just seemed right.

Later on, in art school he left some used bike helmets hanging on the wall, realized they looked like faces, and the mask project was born. Scott now has a collection of over 100 masks. Some became animal faces, some became odd techie visages, possible sci-fi characters, or sly references to how we live—remember hoarding toilet paper in the first weeks of the pandemic? A junior slinky becomes, of course, a baby elephant's trunk. Simplicity is key. Scott's work is undeniably fun, but there is serious inquiry as well, into questions of identity, self-knowledge, and self-presentation. As the artist says: "A mask can be anything and anything can be a mask."

Visit the website for more information on the artist. Come to the Artist/Curator Talk on closing day, Sunday, August 15, at 3:30 PM.

East Gallery:  "Extraction: Response to the Changing World Environment"
The California Society of Printmakers (CSP) has taken on the task of commenting artistically on the environmental disasters stemming from the way humans have extracted various ores and metals from the earth. CSP hopes to make a difference in how we collectively view this destruction and participate in it. This is difficult, even tricky territory to explore, but then artists have always been at the forefront of necessary change, and this exhibit proves that these artists are up to the challenge of serving as messengers with purpose as they continue to explore new directions in contemporary print methods.

Etching, monoprint, monotype, encaustic monotype, photopolymer, reduction woodcut—these are just some of the media used. The content of these works is incredibly moving, often expressing our collective grief at all the losses. Summer Ventis used oil-based ink flocked with ash from the California wildfires. Sylvia Solochek Walters mourns with us the loss of whole species in her woodcut Vince's Horn. Vince was a white rhino, shot and killed for his horn in a private Parisian game reserve. Donna Day Westerman's Log Pile, another reduction woodcut, captures layers of loss in a single telling image.

Visit the website for more information on the artists.

West Gallery: "Restructured"
The Art Guild of Pacifica's group show explores the theme of restructured and includes many interpretations, such as changing the way something is organized, imagining a new structure, or creating an innovative plan. New ideas and fresh perspectives abound!

Visit the website for more information.