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Take Out and Curbside Pick Up AIDS in Supporting Local Economy

  • Address:
    Sixty 31st Avenue
    San Mateo, CA 94403

Hillsdale Shopping Center maintains its adherence to the county mandates by following the 20% store occupancy and indoor/outdoor dining restrictions, but still promises to serve and support the local community.  By merchants continuing to offer contactless curbside pick-up for necessities and life’s conveniences, and Hillsdale’s restaurants providing take out & delivery services, the hope is that the economy stays healthier and workers stay employed. “We are constantly looking at strategies to keep stores and restaurants thriving that will ultimately keep people working in our community,” remarks Christine Kupczak, Hillsdale’s Director of Marketing.

Many stores and restaurants at Hillsdale like Belcampo, Banana Republic, The Cheesecake Factory, lululemon, Macy’s Nordstrom, California Pizza Kitchen, Sephora, Williams-Sonoma and more make it easy to shop safely and effortlessly with these sustained take away practices. Dedicated hours from 11am to 5pm daily, for order ahead merchandise pick-up keep shopping uncomplicated.

Ordering food from any of the restaurants keep local businesses open, boosts the economic outlook in the area, and families get a break from cooking after a day of work and home-schooling responsibilities. “I think these pick-up policies will be in effect long term given the convenience factor. I also believe the community can have such a positive impact on the local economy just by taking out to help out. I hope we see continued patronage for these businesses.” Christine adds.  Visit for a complete list of participating stores and restaurants.