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The Creature: Podcast Adaptation

  • Address:
    2120 Broadway
    Redwood City, CA 94063

Trevor Allen’s "The Creature" strips the monster classic of the melodrama and neck-bolts and instead presents the tale in the style of a classic radio play. Set on a ship in 1818, we’re taken on the journey of Dr. Frankenstein, as he recounts his experiments in re-animation and the monster he eventually brings to life. The team behind the podcast creates an aurally stunning experience using binaural recording technology, with music composed in the 19 TET scale to relay the story of a brilliant, but an ethically questionable scientist, and the monstrous, yet sympathetic, the creature he creates.

The podcast will be available for free download and streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, and Dragon’s website. Episode 1 & 2 available on May 3 & 4, respectively, with additional episodes available every Monday until June 21, 2021. Limited edition release of the entire show for purchase on vinyl due in May 2021.