Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this active Coast Guard aid to navigation along the Pacific Ocean was built in 1871. It is tied for the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast. The Lighthouse serves as a hostel and is surrounded by a State Park. 

San Mateo County Museum and Courthouse

Located in downtown Redwood City, the San Mateo County Historical Museum is housed inside the former San Mateo County Courthouse built in 1910. The museum features a stained-glass dome thought to be the largest of its kind on the West Coast.


Colma is a small incorporated town which was founded as a necropolis in 1924. The population of the dead outnumbers that of the living by nearly a thousand to one leading to being called “the City of the Silent”. Some of the notable people interred in Colma include William Randolph Hearst, Wyatt Earp and Joe DiMaggio.

Filoli Mansion & Gardens

Filoli was built for Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers Bourn II between 1915-1917 reflecting the Golden Age of American garden design and country house architecture. Filoli Mansion was used as the 48-room Carrington mansion in the opening credits of the 1981 Dynasty TV show as well as many other feature films.

Pulgas Water Temple

The Pulgas Water Temple was designed in Beaux Arts style by architect William G. Marchant of San Francisco who was trained by Bernard Mayneck. The Water Temple was erected by the San Francisco Water Department to commemorate the 1934 completion of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct.