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As Fresh as it Gets

With food and drink trends booming around the world, San Mateo County/Silicon Valley is no exception! Our destination is home to a myriad of productive farms, wineries, breweries, and distilleries – this leads to our local restaurants having access to the freshest ingredients.

With this great collaboration between farmers and chefs, we see some of the most innovate and interesting dishes, experiences and stories evolving right before our eyes. Check out some of these stories below.

As Fresh as it Gets with Anne LeClair

Host Anne LeClair talks with Cary Smith, Senior Deputy Harbor Master. Anne also takes a fishing visit at Pillar Point Harbor with Jim Anderson, then heads to Flying Suitcase Winery in San Carlos with Owner Anders Vinter.

Host Anne LeClair talks with Adria Arko, Program Specialist & Agricultural Ombudsman, SM County Resource Conservation District. Plus, Pescadero clips with Jered Lawson at Pie Ranch, John Benedetti at Santé Arcangeli Winery, and Sy Margolis at Pescadero Flowery.

Host Anne LeClair talks with Anthony Chang, Founder and Executive Director of Kitchen Table Advisors. She also visits Ryan Casey with Blue House Farm in San Gregorio, then Scott Townsend with Russian Ridge Winery in San Carlos.


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