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Fox and Glove

  • Address:
    3300 Pomponio Creek Rd
    San Gregorio, CA 94074



Fox and Glove is a small flower farm located in Half Moon Bay, California. They specialize in growing unique varieties of flowers, using sustainable farming practices.

Fox and Glove cares about the health of the land and the health of our community. Which means: no toxic chemicals sprayed or dumped, maintaining soil health through organic compost additions, cover cropping during rest periods, and working during optimal soil moisture levels. It also means using water responsibly and although they are not yet certified Organic, they still follow CCOF guidelines. Keep your eyes peeled, because they hope to get certified soon!

Where to Buy

Fox and Glove flowers can be found in various coastal stores, as well as a few farmers markets. Click here for a list of stores and markets where you can find their flowers: https://www.foxandglove.com/farmers-markets

They also offer wholesale pricing and delivery services to retail owners, and florists throughout the Bay Area. For inquiries, pricing and minimums, contact us for access to our wholesale buyers’ page: https://www.foxandglove.com/subscription-wholesale

Flowers for Weddings and Events: https://www.foxandglove.com/weddings-events