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Moss Beach Kombucha

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    Moss Beach, CA 94038

A few miles south of San Francisco, California’s Highway 1 passes under Devil’s Slide, and just past the Montara Lighthouse, a small seaside town emerges. To the east, the foothills of Montara Mountain are home to horse farms on Sunshine Valley Road, reminders of the days of the Ranchos when the Spanish mission system had run of the land. West of the highway, majestic Monterey Cypress trees stand sentinel as cold water from the Pacific, having traveled the world, is reduced to mist as it crashes into Moss Beach’s rocky cliffs.

In this mist, and the fog created when cold air of the northern Pacific meets heat from California’s central valley, Moss Beach Kombucha is grown.


Kombucha is tea and sugar that has been fermented with bacteria and yeast. The fermentation metabolizes the sugar, caffeine, and tannins in the tea to produce healthy probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and acids. It is a natural inclusion for a healthy diet. Moss Beach Kombucha combines all the normal health benefits of kombucha, combined with great taste.

MBK uses real California Meyer lemons, juice from ginger, tisanes from hibiscus, celery, and lavender, and a tincture of cayenne made from Half Moon Bay Distillery’s Purissima vodka. Everything we use is organic and we are as local as we can be.

Moss Beach Kombucha is available at many NorCal grocers and restaurants. Pick a bottle up from the stores, pair them with great food. Click here to find the one nearest to you!