OMG! Pretzels, LLC


The company is named “OMG Pretzels" because each time someone pops one of our gourmet pretzel bites into their mouth the words “Oh My Goodness” come popping out. This is how Ridiculously Delicious they are. But don’t just take our word for it, try them for yourself. We guarantee neither you nor your customers will be disappointed and you too will say “OMG” every time you pop one into your mouth.

OMG Pretzels began in 2007 as a cool new way to provide fun snacking for my children and grandchildren. As the years passed, slowly but surely the requests for more started rolling in and I began making them for other family members and friends.

OMG Pretzels is excited to partner with local and national merchants to provide these mouthwatering snacks to your customers, family, and friends. Information on pricing and quantities is available upon request. I welcome your inquiries and look forward to doing business with you!

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