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Oyster Point Dragons

  • Address:
    95 Harbor Master Road
    South San Francisco, CA 94083



Oyster Point Dragons (OPD) saw its humble beginning in 2012 as it morphed out of the Ocean Dragon Diehards, a team organized to compete in the 2012 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races in Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.

OPD is the first dragon boat team ever to be based out of Oyster Point Marina; off Gate Number 7 at 95 Harbor Master Road in South San Francisco across from the Oyster Point Yacht Club and adjacent to the South City Ferry Terminal. 

Team Building

Oyster Point Dragons’ team building offers participants the opportunity to enhance their fundamental value of teamwork in a fun environment. Their volunteers host team building events preferably on Saturday or Sunday mornings starting at 9 am. Weekday events can be arranged depending on the availability of volunteers. They can host between 10 to 35 participants during one event. If there are more than 35 participants, they can swap participants in and out of the two boats to give everyone a chance to paddle. Each event lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours. Click here for more information.

About Dragon Boating

The sport of dragon boating has been one the fastest growing sports with festivals being held throughout continents around the world. The most common boat holds a drummer, a steer person, and up to 20 paddlers paddling to cross the finish line faster than the competition. It is an ultimate team sport with little or no consideration for individuality. Power, speed, synchronization, endurance, and mental focus remain the primary elements of this sport. The most common race lengths are 250 and 500 meters in 4 to 10 lanes, depending on the race. Races are held in four main categories: Novice, Recreational, Competitive, and Specialty.