Voice Valet Experiential Marketing

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Think of all the places where your customers are engaged. They may be looking at your content in print, online, or in person. They may want to engage with staff too busy to answer their questions, or maybe there’s no staff at all. How will they experience your brand?

With QRvox Voice Valet, customers can listen to your content over a smart phone by scanning a dynamic QR code that converts text to speech. You can update your content without changing the code, so it’s never out of date. You can even deliver your content in 28 languages using a male or female voice, for a truly global experience.

Create stories and deliver a narrative anywhere your customers are engaged, from garden tours to aquariums, to museums, concerts, and exhibit halls. Delight your customers by delivering branded content they can access using a smart phone. Its easy, its instant, and its fun. “Talking” QR codes are so versatile they can be used almost anywhere, on anything, in print or online.

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To listen to a demo, download QRvox from the App Store or Google Play or scan it with a QR code reader.