Meeting Planners

San Mateo County/Silicon Valley

The meeting spaces in San Mateo County and Silicon Valley have been home to some of this generation's most important and world-changing ideas. In many of the event venues in San Mateo County, you will feel a part of Silicon Valley and the uplifting, innovative, creative, and inspirational ideas will seem to flow naturally.

Simply put, planning your next meeting or convention in San Mateo County and Silicon Valley is good for your business. Our destination is the ultimate California experience. Meet here and experience seashores, sunshine, fresh cuisine, outdoor activities - all right next door to San Francisco.

Meeting and event planners will find plenty of options. From a conference room overlooking San Francisco Bay, a company retreat next to the Pacific Ocean, or a power lunch in the heart of Silicon Valley, your options are limitless. Additionally, we assure you that our team will tailor our complimentary services to meet your specifications.

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